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My LinkedIn Profile is in the top 5% most viewed for 2012

My LinkedIn Profile is in the top 5% most viewed for 2012

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageYesterday I received an email from LinkedIn (the professional networking site) explaining that they were celebrating reaching over 200 million members.

The email congratulated me on having one of the top 5% most viewed profiles for 2012.

See the screenshot of the email below (click on the image to see the full letter):

I know that this is LinkedIn promoting itself, but to be in the top 5% of 200 million is pretty cool.

Only me and 9,999,999* other people received this email, it makes you feel special and unique.


Here is the link to my profile if you are a LinkedIn user and don't yet have me added as a contact (click on the logo below):

David Musgrave on LinkedIn

Thanks for your support.


PS: Congrats to all those who got a Top 1%, 5% or 10% email message.  It means you and only 1,999,999 (for 1%), 9,999,999 (for 5%) or 19,999,999 (for 10%) other people also received the same email.

PPS: * Or if we want to get more technical: the figures should be you and only 1,999,999 (for 1%), 8,000,000 (for 2-5%) and 10,000,000 (for 6-10%) other people as the others received different percentage emails.

PPPS: Happy Valentines Day. :-)

  • Good job buddy!

  • Wow. I personally wished you to be on top 1%. At the same time, I am happy because I too am part of that top 5% club. :-)

  • Fair calculation and Good analysis David.

  • Ha :) I wish I hadn't read that post - was feeling more special till you broke down the numbers.

  • I too got top 5 % email :)

  • I also got top 5%

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