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Surface Pro has been released

Surface Pro has been released

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageOn 26th October 2012, the Surface RT was released (see post: Pre-order your Surface today) and following on from the success of the first tablet offering from Microsoft....

On 9th February 2013, the Surface Pro was released and is available for purchase. If you are not sure which model suits your needs, then download the Specifications Sheet (which has a comparison) and check out the link below:

For more details or to start your order go to or click on the image below.

Check out the new videos for the Surface Pro below:

Surface Pro Commercial "The Vibe"


Surface Windows 8 Pro Overview


I can't wait for the Surface Pro to be available in Australia, so I can order a 128GB version with a Type Cover to compliment my Surface RT with Touch Cover.


PS: If you enjoyed The Surface Movement video, check out the Behind the Scenes video and the Extended Footage Video.

  • When is the surface Pro released in the UK do you know?

  • Hi John

    Sorry I don't know. I am waiting in Australia too.

    All I have as a timeframe is "in the coming months".


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