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by David Musgrave (Perth, Australia) and Microsoft Dynamics GP Developer Support Team (Fargo, ND, USA)

Top 100 Most Influential People in Microsoft Dynamics 2013

Top 100 Most Influential People in Microsoft Dynamics 2013

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageWow. Just Wow.

The Top 100 Most Influential People in Microsoft Dynamics for 2013 has reached the voting stage and I was not planning to make much of a fuss over it.

I didn't need to.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP community led by the MVPs has taken over and is promoting for people to vote for me.

I must say that the support I have in the community is outstanding and very much appreciated. Thank you.


Now go through the Top 100 list and vote for all the Dynamics GP people you can find.

Here are some of the posts from around the blogsphere:


Don't forget to keep coming back and voting as volume helps.  


PS: I am on Page 4.

PPS: Hey Doug... If I ever get to a conference... I will give you some Tim Tams. 

19-Apr-2013: Add more links.

23-Apr-2013: Add even more links.

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