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Dynamics Confessor Report Writer Function Series

Dynamics Confessor Report Writer Function Series

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageMy great friend, Leslie Vail - The Dynamics Confessor, has released a great series of posts about the Report Writer functions available in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

These Report Writer functions are Dexterity global functions which are exposed to the Report Writer so they can be included in calculated fields as user defined functions.  There are many functions available in the system, but most have not been documented well.

Over time, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Team has created Knowledge Base (KB) articles which demonstrate how to use a number of the common Report Writer functions in the system. Leslie has researched and gathered the articles together for us.



Here are some related articles from this blog: 


Thanks Leslie for compiling your great series. 

See Mark, it is not just me who can see the power of the built-in Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer.


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