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Xbox One is revealed

Xbox One is revealed

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageLast night at 1 am (Perth Time), Microsoft revealed details of the next generation Xbox. The successor to the Xbox 360 will be named the Xbox One. The Xbox One, so called because it is the all-in-one entertainment system. Each Xbox One will come with the second generation of the Kinect sensor and will bring all of your entertainment experiences together to one place.

To learn more, visit the Introducing Xbox One site on or click on the banner below:  


For a quick look at the Xbox One and what it will offer, watch the videos below: 


Xbox One Unveil Video


Xbox Anthem


For more Xbox One videos watch the full Xbox One Playlist on The Official Xbox Channel.

More information about the Xbox One and the games for it will be announced at the upcoming E3 conference on the 10th June 2013.

Follow the conversation on twitter with the hashtag: #xboxone.



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