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January, 2005

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    The Journey Begins Part 2 - The Early Days of Hosting

    … Continued from part one : In the beginning of 1999, the small hosting company I worked for (Virtual Servers, LLC.) realized that they were loosing business because they didn’t have a Windows based hosting product offering. By this time we were using...
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    Knoppix to the Rescue!

    I found a fun article called " True Stories of Knoppix Rescues ". My first experience with Knoppix was when a co-worker of mine pulled a business-card sized CD out of his wallet during a server emergency. It sure does come in handy to carry around one...
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    A little housekeeping

    I guess I got a little more attention than I expected when I posted my "Linux is no longer free" post. In expressing my opinion about how the major linux distributions which target enterprises are now charging premiums for usage/support of their distributions...
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    Blog Rules

    Blog Rules 1/10/2005 One of the reasons I love to blog is how it enables intelligent discussion. The blogger throws out some ideas, and if the post gets enough attention, the post will have some discussions generated in the form of "comments". Sometimes...
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    Linux Is No Longer "Free"

    I find it both amusing and interesting how eventually the major "free" linux distributions had to turn to a service based licensing model. It only makes sense, as the axiom my mother taught me when I was young still holds true: "There ain't no free lunch." With Enterprise level support requirements, comes Enterprise level licening fees. New studies now show that licensing and support costs do not significantly differ between Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, or Novell/SUSE Linux 8...
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    History of Linux

    Here is an interesting article on the history of linux:
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    The Journey Begins

    With this post, a new blog is born. Keep reading, as this isn't your typical blog by your typical Microsoft employee. My name is Deven Kampenhout. I'm not new to blogging, but you probably won't find my name on other blogs, as I've posted as an anonymous alias in the past. My blog wasn't only technically oriented, but was more of a creative expression of whatever was on my mind. This blog will be focused primarily on technology, especially about the battle between Microsoft and Open Source i...
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