I really like blogging. I'm very glad for blogs.msdn.com. I also think Community Server (the software on which blogs.msdn.com is built) is a great piece of software.

 Today I was reading some of the other posts from blogs.msdn.com and I noticed a post from another blogger with the same skin as I currently have. Although Community Server allows you to choose among several skins for your blog, there are only so many skins, and when you have thousands of bloggers, you quickly see the same themes on many of the blogs.

Fortunately, there is a way to work around this. Community Server has created a feature called CSS overrides. All you have to do is to add overrides in your mangement interface, and you can make your own "feel" based on the theme. To use overrides for the skin that I'm using, you can find information about how to customize it here.

Right now, I'm somewhat limited to taking images I can find on the the internet. Once I get my home PC out of storage I can make some cool custom images for my site and really make is something truly unique.