I'm not usually one to publicly plug one hosting company over another, as my job requires that I work with and support many of them objectively. Nevertheless, GoDaddy's domain registration services have REALLY impressed me.

Some visitors to my blog from the end of May until just a few days ago may have noticed some broken images on my blog. The reason those images were broken is that they are hosted on a different site than this blog is, and the domain name for that site had expired. I had previously been registering the domain name through a friend of mine who is a reseller for Tucows DNS, OpenSRS. The problem is that I had forgotten that the domain renewal date and it passed me by. Unfortunately, if you miss the renewal date, they put a lock on your domain name and the only way to get it renewed is to pay a $90 "unlock" fee. This hurts, especially when I've been paying < $10 a year for my domain name.

So, to the rescue came Godaddy, who has service called "Domain Alert". This will sit on the domain and register it the instant it becomes available. So, $20 later, I could rest easy knowing that as soon as my domain name "expired" and was released back to the public that I could re-register it. The $20 includes the first year of domain registration as well. I can also fully manage the DNS records of my domain quickly and easily.

Now I have my domain name again, and am very happily keeping it registered at GoDaddy.