I had the honor of presenting at this years Mix 07 conference at the Venitian Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas. It was billed as the premier event for Web Developers and Designers for the Microsoft platform. I was able to deliver a session that covered how Microsoft works with partners to deliver world-class hosting solutions built on the Microsoft Web platform. If you weren't able to attend my session at Mix 07, you can view a recording of it online at:

http://int1.fp.sandpiper.net/soma/applications/silverlight/v1/Default.html?title=XBD03 - Web Hosting for Web Designers and Developers&speakers=David Kidd, Derek Curtis, Deven Kampenhout&source=videos/XBD03.wmv


Learn about Windows hosting services and how Service providers meet the needs of the growing designer and developer community by using key products from Microsoft Windows Server. We demonstrate how Windows hosting accounts can scale, be secured, and provide easy access to a broad range of Microsoft tools and technologies. The bottom line is that Windows hosting services allow Developers and Designers to more easily code, deploy, and scale ASP.NET applications.

 You can also find other ways of playing the presentation and play all of the other sessions at http://www.visitmix.com/