Many of you know that I've been talking about IIS7 in road shows, talks, demonstrations, and training labs since I first started working as a Hosting Evangelist in January 2005. This fall, for the first time I'll not be talking about "this cool up-coming technology for you to preview", but delivering labs on how to be prepared for the actual product launch of Windows Server 2008 (with IIS7), which occurs in February 2008. I'm really excited for this opportunity to help you prepare for the most compellig web platform Microsoft has ever created. There are so many benefits of WS2008/IIS7 that directly benefit Hosters, I believe that it will quickly be the de-facto platform for web site hosting.

What does this mean to you? We're going to be launching a 40 city road show to get you ready to launch Windows Server 2008. We've created over 7 technical labs which will train you on the different aspects of Windows Server 2008 and IIS7. If you are a Windows Sysadmin, Engineer, Architect, or just want to be, you won't want to miss us as we're near your city. This is a golden opportunity for Hosting companies to get their tech people ready. Even if you're not hosting Windows today, send your technical people so they can see what Windows Server 2008 is all about. It doesn't matter if your technical background is in Unix, Open Source, or the MS platform, you will find this technology compelling for Hosting.

You can find more information about the Windows Server 2008 Hosting roadshow from our Registration Site. Hope to see you there!