Today we're wrapping up the Tier1/451 Group Hosting Transformation Summit.

Here are my thoughts after attending the talks yesterday. Ultimately, it was a good way to get a financial analyst's perspective on concepts such as data center efficiency/real estate concerns, cloud computing, virtualization, and financial capitalization. I was disappointed that the virtualization talks were very vmware centric. In the virtualization panel, they had a rep from vmware, but didn't invite any representation from Microsoft. Perhaps this was because vmworld conference was in town this week. It would have been a much more interesting panel to have a different point of view. Furthermore, there seemed to be some confusion among some in the industry between cloud computing services and virtualization. Another blog to discuss the differences will be forthcoming.

I also felt that that the focus of the talks and panels was too narrow. While concepts such as capitalization and real estate are interesting, it shouldn't dominate the conference. Even the virtualization talks were very watered down. It was a 10,000 ft view of the topics, which is great way to start, but it would have been nice to follow it up with a bit more depth. Basically, they stated that virtualization will continue in importance of helping hosters to move their customers up the value chain as well as begin to attract enterprise business through cloud computing concepts. Data center efficiency is of importance, yet we face slowing of supply for data centers as the credit crunch makes building more difficult. Ultimately the conference talks should have been consolidated into 6 hours.

On a lighter note, Shaun Hirschman won the poker tournament last night, defeating the best that the Hosting Industry executives had to offer. Props to my fellow Web Platform Architect!!!