Any of my regular blog readers may note that I recently updated my blog design. I know it was long overdue.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to voice my opinion on how much easier it is to modify CSS settings now! Community Server (which is the software which powers MSDN blogs) gives me the ability to choose a CSS theme, but also to provide my own custom CSS overrides. Using Microsoft Expressions Web 2, I was easily able to suck in the code for my blog. I had to manually change the code from relative to absolute links for the CSS style-sheets that are provided with the MSDN blog site, but once that was done, all of the appearance within the tool looked exactly how it should. Then it was an easy matter to figure out what styles were applying to which piece of code. I could easily detect which rules were being applied and in what order. I'm so happy I didn't have to waste tons of time playing the "I wonder if I can guess which rule is being applied to this area" game. Kudo's to the Expression team for making a great web design product!