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  • Blog Post: Visual Web Developer Express 2005

    If you want to get a look at the new version of ASP.Net which is now in Beta 2, a great way to get started is to download Visual Web Developer Express 2005. It can be downloaded for free from , and acts as an entry level to the Visual Studio 2005 suite of development tools. Even...
  • Blog Post: The Journey Begins Part 3 - Abuse, Automation, Management, and Aquisition

    … Continued from part two ( part one ): As we last left my chronicle of my experiences in Web Hosting, I was the sole systems administrator at Virtual Servers. The systems were running high on load average, which isn't surprising given what we were running on the hardware that was available back then...
  • Blog Post: Bill Gates Speaks on Software Interoperability

    On February 3rd, 2005, Bill Gates sent out an executive email to the public regarding the importance of software interoperability. He stated: Interoperability is more pragmatic than other approaches, such as attempting to make all systems compatible at the code level, focusing solely on adding new layers...
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