Florida alumni John Papa has released a new Sivlerlight Training Series of labs as announced at the Silverlight FireStarter. There are elevent labs and video walkthroughs. Source is in both VB and C#.

The kit can be downloaded from http://www.silverlight.net/news/events/firestarter-labs

Topics are broken into 100, 200, and 300 levels.
100 level includes Winforms and Sivlerlight, ASP.NET and Silverlight, XAML and Controls, Data Binding
200 level covers out-of-browser, Blend UX, Web Services and WCF RIA Services
300 level has more deep dive into OOB, MVVM and Windos Phone 7


If you're in Florida, be sure to check out the new "Florida Silverlight Developers Group" at http://fla-sl-dev.groups.live.com . Florida folks (or alumni) only!