Outlook 2013 Text Turned Garbled and Jumbled and Washed Out and....

Outlook 2013 Text Turned Garbled and Jumbled and Washed Out and....

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I swear ma, I didn't break it. There I was, happily using my Outlook 2013, doing my way too many hours of email each day, and it happened. It might have been after a Windows update, cause I swear I didn't change a thing, but one day it just happened.

I had been checking email for ten or so minutes, things start getting jumbled up. My menus partially disappear. I couldn't see my folders to navigate to them. I had to mouse over text, forcing the display area to refresh so I can read what was there. But I didn't change a thing to mess things up.  I swear.

So here's what I did to un-jumble my text, ma.

  • Open Outlook 2013
  • File Options
  • Advanced
  • Display
  • Check "Disable hardware graphics acceleration"
  • Restart your computer

I swear ma, I didn't break it in the first place. But for the others out there, I'm posting this in hopes that the SEO gods will catch it and save them some aggravating hours in their lives.

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  • i have been experiencing this jumbled text & menu problem for a few weeks, I thought it was caused because I installed Business Contact Manager and then I uninstalled it because it did not work properly. I also tried repairing my MS Office 2013 program but that did not fix the jumble, it is getting annoying and my quick fix was to open MS Word, this would be a quick temp fix but shortly after everything would get jumbled again. My last resort was going to be to uninstall Outlook and reinstall, but I am going to try your solution and let you know. Thanks!

  • Disabling the hardware graphics acceleration in the options worked instantly, THANK YOU!!!!!

  • seo keyword symptoms: scrambled text, disappearing text, disappearing menus, disappearing folders list, disappearing quick access toolbar, jumbled text, scrambled text and menus.

  • @mike - glad this helped you out.  I know it was aggravating the heck out of me and I couldn't find the solution anywhere.  May your outlook text stay clear and crisp!

  • today I am noticing the fix is not 100%. Over time Outlook starts to lose graphics when I switch to Calendar and back to inbox, the longer I have the program open, it eventually reaches a point where the Quick Access Toolbar disappears on emails and Outlook window, so you cannot see the functions at top to save or close. Once you click on the top right corner to close Outlook and reopen, everything comes back.

    I think your fix might be a temp fix and Outlook really needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled, which is somewhat of a big task to save specific items. I would like to know how my Outlook got like this, did you by chance try to install the free version of Business Contact Manager? This is the only thing that I changed with the program and then it went downhill from there.

  • also the Junk Email filter no longer works I think because of this issue.

  • worked like a charm, was driving me nuts.

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  • I've been fighting with this crazy problem for about a month, almost was about to the point of doing and OS reinstall.

    Honestly not sure what triggered it as I have an HP USB video graphics adapter but that has the latests drivers, in any case this fixed it for me.

    Many thanks to you and the SEO gods!

  • @Antonio - glad it helped you out!  makes it worth the time to put it together...

  • Thanks for the fix. This has been driving me crazy for months

  • Had the exact same issue and spent over an hour with Dell tech support on my new XPS One with no positive result.  This solution worked, thanks!

  • That's a huge help!  It worked like a charm.  Thanks!

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you! This was very helpful.

  • Thanks-a-gazillion, I can finally write emails again without having to constantly close and re-open them.

    BTW, it worked as soon as I checked the box - no reboot necessary.

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