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November, 2004

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    More Architect Bloggers

    Two new architect bloggers to report. Javed Sikander is an architect on the Architecture Strategy Team focusing on RFID. He links to a pair of articles about Microsoft and RFID plus provides his thoughts on why RFID is a big deal. David Solivan is an...
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    Roger Sessions on WS-*

    Roger Sessions , noted architectural guru, author and Microsoft Architect MVP, has posted his latest newsletter on the WS-* family of specs. In typical Roger fashion, he decides to give them his own name - WS-SCRAM with SCRAM standing for "Secure, Coordinated...
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    Another Model Blogger

    Gareth Jones is another blogger from the VS modeling team. He's got some great posts on using OneNote as a shared whiteboard and the use of color-coding in modeling . Given the fact that a popular use of modelling today is for sketching , it's interesting...
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    DSL Tools Now Available

    We announced it last week, but the DSL Tools home page just went live today. The big thing is the Microsoft Tools for Domain Specific Languages Technology Preview . There's also a walkthru of the tool , a newsgroup and Jochen's blog . We also published...
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