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December, 2004

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    Concurrency: Next New Major Language Feature?

    Several people have pointed out Herb Sutter's great article on concurrency entitled The Free Lunch Is Over . When I blogged last week about new possible features of "full-grown" OO languages I mentioned dynamic typing but I didn't think about concurrency...
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    New SSB Library and Community Site

    A couple of weeks ago, Paul Murphy pointed me at a SSB Wrapper Class that's included in one of the SQL 2005 Beta 2 sample apps. That prompted an email from the SSB dev lead with a much better SSB library that they had written. You can get that library...
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    New Features For "Full-Grown" OO Languages?

    After seeing it on TSS.net, I checked out the X-develop product website. X-develop is a new multi-language cross-platform IDE that supports both .NET languages like VB.NET, C# and J# as well as Java. It includes support for all the .NET 2.0 features like...
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    The Pharonic Architect is Blogging

    Speaking of DSL Tools, Software Factories co-author Jack Greenfield just started blogging. He has jumped into the running debate between IBM's Grady Booch and a variety of MS folks including Steve , Alan and myself . He does a good job summarizing the...
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    Early Xmas Present

    Maybe it's not as exciting as what my 2 year old has on tap for Xmas, but some of my Xmas came early when I got the new release of the DSL toolkit. The website isn't updated yet, but the download is available. This release is way beyond what the team...
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    Spelunking Service Broker - Dialogs

    The simplest way to describe SQL Service Broker is "message queues in the database." If the queues are tables in the database then you can do your entire message processing using a local transaction. If you use a separate queuing technology like MSMQ...
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    SSB Wrapper Class

    Paul Murphy pointed out a SSB wrapper class that ships as part of the integrated storefront sample that ships with SQL 2005. It's a bit tricky to install, so I refer you to Paul's blog for instructions. (you have to install the sample installer) The wrapper...
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    Booch on DSLs (Round 3)

    Steve Cook responded to Grady Booch's latest comments on software factories and DSLs, which was in turn a response to an entry by Alan Wills. It's obvious that Booch is never going to agree with the DSL approach, but there are a couple of fascinating...
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    TechEd 2005 Call for Papers

    BTW, speaking of TechEd 2005, we're currently inviting potential presenters to submit proposals to speak. Norman is taking over ownership of the Architecture track, but I'm still responsible for technical content and community for the track. If you're...
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    Starting in on SQL Service Broker

    Since Norman joined the team a few months ago, I’m no longer in firefighter mode. For about six months my team was short a marketing manager and I ended up picking up a bunch of extra duties. For example, I took over as TechEd architect track owner...
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