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October, 2005

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    Tool Driven Development

    I've gotten some great feedback on my Code is Model post. But before I get to those comments, I wanted to talk a little bit about the role of tools. Tools are important in every industry, but in no industry are they as important or central as they are...
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    Which Abstractions Matter?

    I've been following the ongoing discussion about typing systems in programming languages between Ted Neward and Stu Halloway with great interest. Given that I believe Code is Model , I'm eager to mine knowledge from successful tools to apply at higher...
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    The Irrelevant Semantics of Compiled XAML

    From newly converted ARC MVP Sam Gentile , I found this interesting post from Drew Marsh about how XAML is compiled: XAML is indeed a language, but it is never compiled into C# or IL... The truth is, it's not "compiled" at all. If anything you can...
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    Code is Model

    In the foreword to Architecture Journal 3 , I wrote the following: Abstraction is the architect's key tool for dealing with complexity. We've seen the evolution of architectural abstractions techniques such as models and patterns; however, we have...
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    Ted on C# 3.0

    I just discovered Ted Neward's blog has moved. In catching up, I found this great post on the new features of C# 3.0 . Even though I had read thru the C# 3.0 spec , Ted's explanation was much easier to read. FYI, speaking of Ted, I'll be speaking at...
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    MVP Summit Wrap Up Thoughts

    It's hard to believe it October already. The last three weeks have been jam packed, starting with PDC 05 , then a variety of meetings culminating with the company meeting the following week, then the 2005 MVP Global Summit last week. This was the first...
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