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December, 2005

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    Abstraction Gap Leapfrog

    One of the cool things about having a blogging conversation with someone on the other side of the world is that while you sleep they are thinking of a good response to your post. The only downside? Having to deal with rampant misspelling like "artefacts...
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    Imprecise vs. Incomplete

    Gareth responds to the first tenet of Code is Model : [A]lthough as an industry we desperately need to drag models kicking and screaming from the far left of pretty-picturedom a good long way to the right in the direction of precision, I don't want...
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    Scaffolding Isn't a Model

    Grady Booch @ the OOPSLA 05 Structured Design and Modern Software Practices Panel at (according to the transcript ) The most important part is the executable code. I typically throw my models away, but I always save my source code. I design because...
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    Back in Business

    After an extended absence, DevHawk is back on the air (so to speak). My pal Tom had a hardware failure and we've moved DevHawk onto a hosting service. As it turns out, Tom had the hosting service set up over a month ago and I just never got around to...
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