April, 2009

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What is a Microsoft Application Development Consultant

Microsoft Application Development Consulting offers a continuing relationship with a skilled and trusted advisor who will build an in-depth understanding of your people and your business to help you address your software development challenges.

The ADC will bring with them access to a tremendous range of Microsoft support and knowledge and their recommendations are based on broad industry experience and Microsoft best practice. Although the majority of the work you do will be with you primary ADC, you have the ability to call upon other specialist ADCs when your project requires development expertise in a particular area.

The ADC will work with you throughout the development lifecycle from inception to delivery. They can help you select the best application architecture or review your proposed designs. They can help your people to develop new technical skills that help to improve your productivity and code quality. They can conduct code reviews or help to troubleshoot and solve hard to find software bugs.

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    Silverlight and "Cover Flow" – Revisited (Part III)

    On my previous post I wrote about the complexity of implementing perspective projections with Silverlight 2 since it only supports 2D affine transforms . Well, as you surely already know by now, with Silverlight 3 you’ll be able to apply 3-D projections...
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    Reusing web user controls

    “Why”? With this post I want to demonstrate how to reuse Web User Controls in multiple web projects to avoid the duplication of code and interface. How many times many of us needed a Web User Control created in another web project, and use it directly...
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    HTTP Error 401.5 – Unauthorized: a very plausible scenario

    Recently, my customer started complaining that an externally-facing web site was not working properly. Apparently no changes had been made to the web site… This is very common in the field: nothing happens and software starts decaying in what seems to...
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