December, 2009

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What is a Microsoft Application Development Consultant

Microsoft Application Development Consulting offers a continuing relationship with a skilled and trusted advisor who will build an in-depth understanding of your people and your business to help you address your software development challenges.

The ADC will bring with them access to a tremendous range of Microsoft support and knowledge and their recommendations are based on broad industry experience and Microsoft best practice. Although the majority of the work you do will be with you primary ADC, you have the ability to call upon other specialist ADCs when your project requires development expertise in a particular area.

The ADC will work with you throughout the development lifecycle from inception to delivery. They can help you select the best application architecture or review your proposed designs. They can help your people to develop new technical skills that help to improve your productivity and code quality. They can conduct code reviews or help to troubleshoot and solve hard to find software bugs.

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    Windows 7 Excel 2007 and connecting to SQL Server Analysis Services

    The problem A customer of mine has recently had a problem on one of the first Windows 7 machines he installed; the problem was that when trying to connect to a SSAS from Excel it kept asking for credentials.   So what was the problem with this machine...
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    Designing for Resilience in n-Tier applications (part 1)

    The n-Tier headache The huge growth of the Multitier application architectures has drastically changed the way we envision, develop and support software solutions. The notions of greater scalability, reutilization of services and independent software...
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    Air Draw

    One of the long waited features of Silverlight was Web Camera and Microphone support. This feature was welcomed with great enthusiasm and passion when Silverlight 4 Beta was unveiled at the Professional Developer's Conference (PDC) last November. ...
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