I have a had a number of people about how to effectively use the Solutions capability of CRM 2011.  It has reminded me of great recorded webcast I found out about through conversation I had in an internal email discussion:

Effective Use of Solutions in CRM 2011 with Shan McArthur

I wanted to do some significant refactoring in a managed solution.  I wanted to delete and/or rename some things in my solution and reconcile those deletions.  Shan McArthur shared a tip on how to delete something from a managed solution.  He mentioned that he talks about this tip the webcast he presented for the XRM Virtual User Group (about 56 minutes in).  I have had an item on my TODO list to blog about it.  One thing checked off of a long list!  This webcast is definitely worth taking the time to watch if you aren’t quite sure if you’ve nailed your understanding of the Solutions capability of CRM 2011.