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Over the years, this blog has been about many different things related to software development with Microsoft technologies. Since my current role focuses on Dynamics CRM / XRM, that's what it's primarily about right now.

March, 2013

  • Gold Coast

    Authenticating to an Azure hosted web service from CRM Online Sandbox code

    UPDATE (14MAR2013): Uploaded a modified sample which addresses storing credentials in secure config and adds comments around how to encrypt those credentials.  While I show a synchronous plugin in the demo for simplicity of the walkthrough, you should...
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    Microsoft CRM Enterprise Academy

    I work with enterprise customers and have been involved in a number of enterprise implementations of Dynamics CRM.  One of the #1 things I get asked all the time is “where is the enterprise CRM training?”  The Microsoft CRM Enterprise Academy...
  • Gold Coast

    Virtual Convergence 2013

    Two days ago, the Convergence team announced Virtual Convergence 2013: If you aren’t familiar with Convergence, it is similar to the likes of past technical conferences like PDC/MIX or current...
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    REMINDER: I constantly update my dev tips n tricks deck

    I’ve been tweaking my tips n tricks deck over the last few months based on new findings, thoughts, etc.  Just wanted to remind people to reference the skydrive version vs. downloading it and saving it locally.  That way you always see the latest...
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