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Over the years, this blog has been about many different things related to software development with Microsoft technologies. Since my current role focuses on Dynamics CRM / XRM, that's what it's primarily about right now.

April, 2013

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    North 52 Formula Manager = WOW

    DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion.  I get nothing from the makers of this addon for expressing my opinion.  I’m a developer at heart.  I love writing code.  But I also abelieve in the “don’t write code unless you have to” philosophy. ...
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    Convergence 2013 Recordings

    As Girish says in his post: “If you didn’t attend Convergence 2013, you can still watch the recording of the keynotes and breakout sessions by registering for the Virtual Convergence. Best part is that it is completely free!” More details here: http:...
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    CRM and SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups

    I’ve spent a fair amount of time lately talking to people about the benefits of using SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups in your CRM infrastructure.  I just came across a great video that’s a great primer on AlwaysOn Availability Groups...
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    TOOL HIGHLIGHT: CRM 2011 Web Resource Linker/Publisher

    I’ve blogged previously about why I like the approach CRM Solution Manager uses for authoring web resources in Visual Studio.  While I think CRM Solution Manager is a fantastic tool, there are ways to get some of the benefits of it’s approach to...
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