Hello. I am Gerardo Dada, formerly responsible for Developer Marketing at Microsoft (hence the blog name), now doing Windows Mobile Marketing with our OEM and mobile operator carriers. Even though I work in marketing for Microsoft, this blog represents m

October, 2005

  • GerardoDada

    MSDN Search hits an important milestone

    One of the top requests we hear from developers is to improve search on our MSDN site. I am happy to announce today we are launching the beta of a vastly improved search with three new capabilities. You can try it at the Visual Studio Developer Center...
  • GerardoDada

    Funny Visual Studio video from Korea

    Ja Young Lee, a product marketer in Microsoft Korea created a developer song with funny flash animation for the launch and posted it on their launch site. It's hilarious! - You can find other Microsoft marketers and 5 MVPs in the animation. I hope...
  • GerardoDada

    Many free resources to get started with Visual Basic

    One of the key areas of my job is to help developers who want to learn Visual Studio find all the resources we have available for them. Very quickly after I joined Microsoft 15 months ago I realized one of our problems is that we have too many resources...
  • GerardoDada

    What will LINQ do for me?

    When we announced LINQ at the PDC a few weeks ago, it was not entirely clear to many how it would present an advantage for developers who are already proficient with SQL. This week Anders Hejlsberg did a quick internal demo where he built an application...
  • GerardoDada

    Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 have shipped!!

    Both are now what we call RTM (Release to Manufacturing), which means developers who have an MSDN subscription will be able to download the final releases probably within a few hours and that we are sending the final bits to duplicators to produce many...
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