Using Internet Sharing

With Internet Sharing, you can use your phone as an external modem for another device such as a PDA or notebook computer.


  1. • If you want to use a USB cable connection, you must first install Microsoft ActiveSync version 4.2 or later on the computer.
  2. • Before using Internet Sharing, disable ActiveSync on your computer. To disable ActiveSync, open ActiveSync then select File > Connection Settings and clear Allow USB Connections.

Set up the phone as a modem

To set up the phone as a USB modem

1. On your phone, select Start > Accessories > Internet Sharing.

2. In the PC Connection list, select USB.

3. In the Network Connection list, select the name of connection that your phone uses to connect to the Internet.

4. Plug in the USB cable between your phone and the computer.

5. Select Connect.

To end the Internet connection

  1. On the Internet Sharing screen, select Disconnect.

Use the phone as a Bluetooth modem

You can connect your phone to a notebook or desktop computer through Bluetooth and use the phone as a modem for the computer.

For the computer to use the Internet connection of your phone, activate Internet Sharing on your phone, then set up a Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) between the computer and your phone.

1. On your phone, turn on Bluetooth and set it to Visible mode.

2. Initiate a Bluetooth partnership from your phone by following the steps in "To create a Bluetooth partnership."

Alternatively, you can initiate a Bluetooth partnership from the computer by following these steps (based on Windows XP SP2):

a. In the Control Panel or System Tray, double-click the Bluetooth Devices icon.

b. In the Bluetooth Devices window, click Add.

c. The Add Bluetooth Device Wizard opens. Select the My device is set up and ready to be found check box, then click Next.

d. The wizard then detects your phone and displays its name in the dialog box. Select the phone name, then click Next.

e. Select Let me choose my own passkey, then enter a passkey (1 up to 16 digits) that will serve as an identification number for establishing a secure connection between your phone and the computer. Click Next.

f. A confirmation message appears on your phone. Click Yes to accept the connection, enter the same passcode, then click Next.

g. On the computer, click Finish to exit the wizard.

h. On your phone’s Partnership Settings screen, you can change the display name for the computer, then click Finish.

3. Now, open the Internet Sharing program on your phone. Select Start

> Accessories > Internet Sharing.

4. Select Bluetooth PAN as the PC Connection.

5. From the Network Connection list, select the name of the connection that your phone uses to connect to the Internet.

6. Select Connect.

7. On your computer, set up a Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) with your phone:

a. Click Start > Control Panel > Network Connections.

b. Under Personal Area Network, click the Bluetooth Network Connection icon.

c. Under Network Tasks, click View Bluetooth network devices.

d. In the Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices dialog box, select your phone, then click Connect.

8. On the Internet Sharing screen on your phone, check if a connected status is displayed, which indicates that your computer has been successfully connected to the Internet using your phone as a Bluetooth modem