Hello. I am Gerardo Dada, formerly responsible for Developer Marketing at Microsoft (hence the blog name), now doing Windows Mobile Marketing with our OEM and mobile operator carriers. Even though I work in marketing for Microsoft, this blog represents m

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  • Blog Post: Why Vista Matters

    A few days ago I posted about why Vista really matters making the point that Vista is not important because of its flashiness or graphics but as a platform for the type of application it enables. Well, eWeek just published an interesting article by Darryl K that makes the same point - Vista is a platform...
  • Blog Post: What really matters about Vista

    I have read several Vista reviews online from technical people, and most of them seem to miss the point: Vista is an operating system - as such it is not about the pre-installed games or sample applciations, what matters is what is under the hood. Of course there is security and performance and all the...
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