This year I enjoyed Tech Ed very much (Every year, I do..but this is special) attending most of the VSTS sessions and a hot hot Linux, Open Source Session at the end of the event. There is some kind of redundancy in VSTS session slides which is unavoidable , but succeeded to catch as many as of the attendees. Congratulations to VSTS team :-). Everyone grabbed thier VSTS DVD Pack.

This time MS Community stall has circulated a news paper "Community Times" with all the community news and MVP information from all over the country. I loved it in my first sight itself. I hope they will continue with that publication. Thanks to Abhishek Kant, Community Program Manager, India.

Conclusion : This year, the Tech Ed team has successfully created their own mark of passion towards technology rather than just doing evangelism. Thats a great relief to all the developers who attended Tech Ed 2005. Yes I call Tech Ed 2005 as a Dev Ed 2005 :-)