Earth to Sam: What is this blog all about?

Earth to Sam: What is this blog all about?

Hello Reader!

I work for Microsoft Corporation as an Academic Developer Evangelist, and my blogs will have a definite trend toward being positive about Microsoft.  I really like this company and think that it has a good heart,  What I like the best is the passion that is generated in the playing fields between Apple users, Adobe and Google versus each other and Microsoft. 

My writing is my own, however, I like this job, so I will stay focused on technology.  It isn't that management gives me any guidance or even tell me what to write, they absolutely do not, but I do care about this company so I am going to try to avoid being negative about it.

Don't read this blog if you are a channel consultant, this blog will do you no good for channel knowledge, however, it will give you a good idea of what students are asking about.

Sometimes I go off the rails and the blog may read strangely because I am thinking things out.  My goal is to use my blog to think about things and to share my thought and learning process with you.

Generally I don't do the corporate stuff, but I will when I feel like it. 

Numbers of people reading my blog, not important to me.  Ok, it's important to someone, so I will work hard to drive traffic to the blog, but it isn't important to me.  I'll write about technology that I am trying to figure out or want to be able to explain to others.

Passion about other technologies:

  • I think that the intensity of passion is great, nothing like a good fight. I grew up in a hard neighborhood.  I got Irish-Scottish-HillBilly Blood, the worst of all combos.
  • Then at the end of the day, let's go get a Beer or Spirits (Moonshine?) and talk about how to solve the world's big problems by working together. 
  • My passion is the Imagine Cup and working with students to learn how to use technology to solve these big problems!

Please read and comment, be positive or be negative, but be passionate.  Just be aware that but I do moderate the comments so that I avoid spam, and I will remove curse words as there are younger readers, as a result it may be a few days before your comment shows up.

Have fun, be passionate, whether you feel positive about Microsoft or negative about Microsoft, let's solve those big problems!