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    Is software engineering dead?

    Software Engineering: Dead? by Jeff Atwood, asks this question.  My question is this: Did anyone find that their software engineering courses in school mapped to what you actually do at work?  Doubtful in my opinion, unless you attended certain...
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    UML: Software Engineering Institute, Game Design guidance

    Interesting isn’t it that the game design discussion on the Software Engineering Institute site seems to end around 2005, just as life gets interesting for game design.  First of all the XBox team at Microsoft releases the XNA Game Studio, allowing...
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    UML: OMG and SEI

    OMG (really) is the O bject M anagement G roup that can be found at http://www.uml.org , fortunate for them that they got that URL for UML.  The site is filled with links that are not connected, you would think that someone every once in awhile would...
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    UML: Use Cases, relationships Part 4

    I have received a few comments about what happened with the DLL discussion I was having on this blog.  Well quite simply, I realized that I might be able to put together a coherent discussion about UML in VS 2010 and build back into the DLL discussion...
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    UML: Use Case Part 3

    The Use Case is simply a way for you to take your high level requirements and put them into an image form.  It might even be a good idea to use sticky notes to help you visualize the way that the different use case might be related.  Sticky...
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    UML: Use Case Models part 1

    What are Use Case Models? First of all: They are simple visual specification of user goals at a high level.  They should be so simple that you can explain them to a manager suffering from serious attention span disorder, or a puppy.  Not all...
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    No more clunky interop with Visio like in VS 2005 and VS 2008.  UML is back in the Visual Studio Team Suite 2010 CTP. You will need to install Visual Studio Team Suite 2010, which is all of the versions put together, Database, Developer, Architect...
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    Have a happy 4th of July! Be Safe!

    Fireworks were initially invented by the Chinese, and likely the medical protocol for missing hands from explosions followed shortly.  In the United States July the Fourth represents the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, although...
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