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OMG (really) is the Object Management Group that can be found at , fortunate for them that they got that URL for UML.  The site is filled with links that are not connected, you would think that someone every once in awhile would check for broken links.  The other site that I will seriously  be utilizing is the SEI, or Software Engineering Institute.  This site appears to be in good shape, and has a well written tutorial on game design.  I will make use of this site in this blog: Arcade Game Maker Pedagogical Product Line, the material was last updated in 2005, and a lot has gone on in game design.  Although, it is one of the first articles to mention model-view-controller.  Also, it is only article that I have been able to find that uses UML with respect to game design.


My plan now that I have captured you with the first few articles on UML in VS 2010 is to continue with this thread through all of UML, setting up tests and releasing a product.  Initially I will work with the games included in the SEI site, moving the concepts to the VS 2010 environment.


Then I may work on a product is might be one that is already made, like Terrarium or what the heck, maybe I’ll just develop mine own.  The nice thing about Terrarium is that there is an audience.  You can say the same about Allegiance and some other games out there.  Downside to Terrarium is that it is an autonomous game, and as a result interesting only to computer scientists and other hard core types.  I need something that breaks out of being a massively online single player game to multiple player.  It would be interesting to modify this to be something that more computer users would find that it is fun to play.  Well let me know what you think.


Here is a picture of Terrarium, imagestill not certain if I am going to use this, as I said, we will work with upgrading the SEI material (which for it’s time was very advanced).

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