Phone Apps: Making Money

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Phone Apps: Making Money

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Ok, I admit it, I am bored with the Exam Prep, so to take a break I headed over to the AppHub,  The AppHub is a great place to hang out, it has all kinds of great information, code examples and is one of the places you can learn how to make money.

One of the new things, or somewhat new, well maybe new enough historically is the concept of Recipes, and one of the recipes that is really exciting: Monetize your Windows Phone 7 Apps

It is a three step process to utilize the Ad Control SDK.  Now the problem becomes how do you create an application that incorporates advertisement into your game or application?  An application might be intentionally advertisement centric, it could be nothing but advertisements, think weekly shopper.  As to a game?  Wow, that might be tricky, maybe you give the game away for free and include advertisements, and a more expensive application without advertisements.


If you are like me, the only knowledge I have about advertisement and making money in advertisement is what I see on Mad Money, which if true means that I can drink excessively at work, but I really have never thought that was a good idea.  So to find more about the future of advertisement in digital media take a look at some of the videos at: , the videos are long winded but contain important training for any technologist. 

Let’s face it, Mad Men is a fun show to watch (at least for some), but as a path to success in adding advertisement to your projects it isn’t going to be useful. So, get over to the Advertising Week and get to learning about advertising, who knows you might have the next Cooper and Sterling.

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  • Please do update me especially information regarding how to monetize windows 7 phone apps. Thank you.

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