HTML 5 and Javascript/ECMAScript: Is this the end my friend for .NET CLR?

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HTML 5 and Javascript/ECMAScript: Is this the end my friend for .NET CLR?

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I don’t know, really, the answer will be determined at Build, so stay tuned.  And I am not going to speculate, not because of some management thing about mentioning anything about Windows 8, but because my BlatherEngine is low on fuel.  I had burned through a bunch of ideas to get through my vacation timeframe, I had written a lot of blogs before I went on vacation.  Now I have to write fresh stuff, hopefully you can see the difference.

So if you want to get through the next turmoil, who should you listen to?  Yourself.  Not me.  This blog is really just me talking to myself or making observations or using it for my work.  You need to figure out your own path.

Let’s take a look at what I am going to be focusing on:

  • Understand Office products, Word Processors, Spreadsheets and desktop Databases (In my opinion that would be MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Access).  When I say understand I don’t mean just how to create a Word document, but you need to understand how to program these products, whether or not you use Microsoft, Google or OpenDocs. 
  • Get an idea and pursue it, get it on a phone, and if you are a student then you may want to consider Windows Phone 7, access to the marketplace is free for you, the professional grade tools are free.  But I believe that is also the case for Google Android.  The nice thing about the Windows Phone 7 is that it is more secure than Android, currently the advanced search vulnerability for Android is 50 and Windows_Mobile for the same search approach is 0 (this proves little in most peoples minds, but Android does have security problems according to the US Government). 
  • Learn how to build a simple game in HTML 5, use WebMatrix to post your game on the web
  • Learn how to build a simple game in Silverlight 5, use WebMatrix to post your game on the web
  • Know JavaScript cold (which I need to review!)

Umm, the BlahterEngine that would be a good name for a game!




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  • OHN! Certainly not when VS is the best dev env in existence.

  • Thank you Chas1!  And I agree VS is the best dev env!

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