XNAMATH is now in DirectMath and only accessible from C++

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XNAMATH is now in DirectMath and only accessible from C++

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The DirectXMath library uses C++ namespaces to organize the types. XNA Math used only the global namespace. The DirectXMath types in common with XNA Math are in the “DirectX” or the “DirectX::PackedVector” namespace.



The following XNA Math library types, functions, and constants are not available in DirectXMath

  • XMLoadHenDN3(), XMLoadHenD3(), XMLoadUHenDN3(), XMLoadUHenD3(), XMLoadDHenN3(), XMLoadDHen3(), XMLoadUDHenN3(), XMLoadUDHen3()
  • XMStoreHenDN3(), XMStoreHenD3(), XMStoreUHenDN3(), XMStoreUHenD3(), XMStoreDHenN3(), XMStoreDHen3(), XMStoreUDHenN3(), XMStoreUDHen3()
  • g_XMMaskHenD3, g_XMMaskDHen3, g_XMAddUHenD3, g_XMAddHenD3, g_XMAddDHen, g_XMMulHenD3, g_XMMulDHen3, g_XMXorHenD3, g_XMXorDHen3
  • XMLoadXIcoN4(), XMLoadXIco4(), XMLoadIcoN4(), XMLoadIco4(), XMLoadUIcoN4(), XMLoadUIco4()
  • XMStoreXIcoN4(), XMStoreXIco4() ,XMStoreIcoN4(), XMStoreIco4(), XMStoreUIcoN4(), XMStoreUIco4()
  • g_XMMaskIco4, g_XMXorXIco4, g_XMXorIco4, g_XMAddXIco4, g_XMAddUIco4, g_XMAddIco4, g_XMMulIco4
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  • So can you create a WinMD of it and project it to WinJS & WinRT.NET (C#/VB.NET) ?! Have you tried this?

  • Jose,

    As always thank you very much for your comment!  And an excellent question.

    If you mean create the DLL like object named a WinMD for use in C#, VB and as you say WinJS (I assume you mean JavaScript, which is a standards based language), then the documentation says that you can.

    See: msdn.microsoft.com/.../hh441572(v=vs.110).aspx

    I have not tested the vectors, and direct2, direct3, directmath using WinMD so I can't say for sure.  Bottom line, is that you could give it a try, put on your social network and then link me to it.

    And thank you for an excellent article idea for my blog.

    It is always pleasant to hear from a one of the readers of this blog.  I will strive to fully answer this question over the next few weeks.

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