January, 2013

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    Writing your first C++ Program using Visual Studio 2012

    In previous blogs I have shown you how to set up Visual Studio 2012 so that it will function on Windows 8, 7, and so forth using the Azure VM, although we haven’t created a program to upload to the store.  That will be covered in another parallel...
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    A statement: Statements in C++

    What is a statement? In the simple code in the previous blog about C++ we entered the following code: // A first C++ program // The slashes are required a the beginning of each line /* This is also a comment   with a second line */   #include...
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    C++: Using Text in the XAML Textboxes

    This is to push my blog post from Dec. up to the class at CSULA. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/devschool/archive/2012/10/09/a-clear-and-simple-way-to-convert-a-string-to-integer-in-c-cx.aspx We will use this information again in class (since I know it works...
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    Java vulnerability

    Oracle appears to have fixed the vulnerability on Saturday.  To be fair Oracle got this fixed pretty fast. The specific problem appears to have been located specifically with the MBeanInstantiator Oracle has reported on their fix: The glitch is only...
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    C++ Links

      Here are links to the //Build 2012 that are related to C++.  I am starting to blog again, but mostly about how to build apps, get aps in the store, advertising apps and making money off of apps.  The app tools I am going to be discussing...
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    Syllabus for the CSULA C++ for Java Programmers Class

    This is not the final syllabus, if you are a student taking this class, please feel free to give feedback by end of week. Book (If you want to use it, there are a lot of online resources that you can use instead, your choice): In general I am...
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    Using your free Azure VM to host Visual Studio 2012

    In case you don’t want to put Windows 8 on your system right now, you can generate apps using the free Azure VM (at least free for 90 days) with the Visual Studio Express for Windows 8.  This is pretty cool. So in this video I am going to describe...
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    More links on C++

    Here are more links from the excellent video series by Stephan T. Lavavej (STL, ironic initials?), for the CSULA CPP class you should spend sometime with these videos.   Stephan T. Lavavej: Core C++, 1 of n From < http://channel9.msdn.com/Series...
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