Clones, they exist everywhere in today's world right?  No… Oh.  Well, in Star Wars all of the guys who wear white fighting suits are clones right?  But what about code clones?  I might be only person who is too lazy to create reusable code in all of my writing of code, but apparently there are a few others.  And when you modify one clone, wouldn't it be nice to check for the other clone?  Improve the quality of your code right?  Or you could create a class and just overload the class methods when you need to.  Your choice.

Check out this video at:

This is a short video on checking your code for matching clones.

Clones in Star Wars are cool, at least in one of the movies.  Code Clones are simply a way that we all write code, and code generally starts to have these similarities.


Real Biological Mammal Clones?  Well that is not my problem, I just write code and give talks.