The DirectXTK or DirectX Tool Kit is a bunch of classes that you can reuse in your game design if you want to implement a game engine for specific work effort.  One of the confusing problem that many have with C++/CX DirectX is: Why? You could use Unity or a purchased Game Engine.  But that is the reason, usually there are costs that can be significant, which is a good thing for many designers.  But there is always room for another improved game engine.

And if you want to get known as a hot shot developer who attracts intelligent designers, then a game engine you can own and understand deeply is a good way to show off your skills in software design, test management, and version control.  Later you could keep costs down by developing your own line of games for a number of platforms.

Now let’s put “optics” on the DirecTXTK

I never get the whole “optics” thing, but thought it sounded cool. First download the DirectXTK from Codeplex:DirectX Tool Kit , the tool kit will be maintained at that link which works as of Sept. 4, 2013.

Documentation for the DirectX Tool Kit can be found at:

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