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  • Blog Post: Enter a color in a textbox and change the color fill in a rectangle

    Wow! This is exciting isn’t it?  With just a few lines of XAML you can change the fill of a rectangle.  Oh I am just so excited! Using a few lines of XAML, on the phone, in Silverlight or in WPF, you can fill a rectangle using text that you type in a textbox! Here is the XAML, I added it to...
  • Blog Post: Exam Guide 70-511: SuperSimpleBinding

    Windows Forms or WPF. Rebecca, the manager wants to try out WPF, but CRO doesn’t agree. (And this may seem like a repeat, but I am using the Comic Chat to make my point) CRO hasn’t kept up with the latest technology, although CRO is good at slamming out code, he ignored XAML and DataBinding...
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