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  • Blog Post: Using Blend Visual States to speed up your C++ User interface design

    Here is a video on how to use Visual States in a cool way, and there are others if you want to give them a try.  Here is the link in case the video isn’t streaming well:  
  • Blog Post: Best Game Construction HTML5/JS and WIndows 8 tool for game design

    I have looked at a number of design tools that support HTML5/JS and Windows 8.  Ok I also reviewed some tools that do not directly build to Windows 8. It came down to basically two tools: Blend for Visual Studio 12 and Scirra ( for the tools that support both HTML5/JS and Windows 8 with...
  • Blog Post: HTML5 Game Design Metro Design: Snap

    I have discussed the snap process on my blog at Silverlight Games but not in depth. Let’s say you have an existing HTML5/JavaScript file you want to use to create a Windows 8 application. Now many people I have talked to keep thinking that this means you have created a HTMl5 Web site, but that isn’t...
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