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  • Blog Post: Free ebook: Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure

    Hey, if you are building sensors you have to store the data somewhere.  Azure is one of those places.  To find out more about how to build Cloud Apps and not use Touch Develop, check out this book: For the blog discussion:
  • Blog Post: Free eBook: Office 365

    Just what is Office 365?  Why should you be interested is there money to be made?  Ummm?  Hard to make money off of something you don’t understand or have used.  This is the collaboration system that the new Office 2013 is based on. Lot’s of educational districts are zeroing in on...
  • Blog Post: Free eBook: Programming Windows 8 Apps

      Nice, I forgot to write about this free eBook about programming Windows 8 Apps.  Seriously this is a good book. One of the best.  Oh, wait a minute it is the only book available right now.  Oh well, it’s good.
  • Blog Post: Free eBook or Hunger Games? Read Charles Pertzold’s gripping tale about WP7

    So Hunger Games is going to be one of the biggest movies of all time, and Lion’s Gate is pretty happy about that.  However, what is the sleeper book that you can get for free?  Charles Pertzold’s “Programming Windows Phone 7” is a sleeper.  This gripping story of a SmartPhone system’s...
  • Blog Post: Free learning material for Windows Presentation Foundation, Big improvements in the Framework 4.0 material

    Wow!  Previously the Windows Presentation Foundation was, to put it nicely, bad.  Now to put it nicely, it is good.  Impressive improvement. Samples work, working links, and so forth.  Too bad that WPF is considered trailing edge technology by some people, I am really excited about...
  • Blog Post: Free eBook! Windows Phone Game Programming For Beginners

    Rob Miles announced a free eBook for Windows Phone Game Programmers, which can be used in the classroom as well as for those who want a low cost hobby that can make some money! Get over to Rob Miles blog about his free book before he wises up and puts this excellent book up for sale on Amazon! http:...
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