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  • Blog Post: Free! 21 Part Free tutorial on HTML5 and CSS

    If you read no other free tutorial this summer then this is the one you need to work through. Do not stop for that morning expresso, go directly to the 21 part series on HTML5 CSS: HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners
  • Blog Post: Best Game Construction HTML5/JS and WIndows 8 tool for game design

    I have looked at a number of design tools that support HTML5/JS and Windows 8.  Ok I also reviewed some tools that do not directly build to Windows 8. It came down to basically two tools: Blend for Visual Studio 12 and Scirra ( for the tools that support both HTML5/JS and Windows 8 with...
  • Blog Post: strict in Windows 8 JavaScript

    You might notice that the Default JavaScript uses the keyword: strict.  Just what does this mean? Check out the link: In JavaScript when you use strict mode the code you write is forced into a more disciplined design then JavaScript normally does.  You have to declare your...
  • Blog Post: HTML5 Game Design Metro Design: Snap

    I have discussed the snap process on my blog at Silverlight Games but not in depth. Let’s say you have an existing HTML5/JavaScript file you want to use to create a Windows 8 application. Now many people I have talked to keep thinking that this means you have created a HTMl5 Web site, but that isn’t...
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