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  • Blog Post: List of 1 thing in Win8, Windows 8: Playing media files

    As I stated in my previous blog, App Bars and much of the documentation (read stuff I can reuse on my blog) hasn’t been written by the boffins in Redmond.  What is a boffin?  I have no idea and hope it isn’t an insult, but the British use the term to refer to smart, apparently a now defunct...
  • Blog Post: App Bars, a useful tool for your UI or a place to drown your Metro Sorrows?

    Don’t drink booze when you are sad.  Never a good idea, and especially don’t drink when sad and then drive.  That’s bad.  Dangerous.  Get a taxi in that case. However, App  Bars are fairly easy to use, if not to find the way to use them in the literature.  It would seem...
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