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  • Blog Post: How to NOT review a paper

    Well I AM on vacation and thought that I would look through some of the other research sites, and today I was examining the storied ATT research site.  On the front page, as I am getting ready to either clean out my closet or walk down to the beach, so I just looked at the front page.  On it...
  • Blog Post: Got down to the Strand and did some body surfing

    Road my electric bicycle down to the Strand and did some excellent body surfing.  I really like body surfing, no board, no nothing if the waves are right, as they were today.  Sometimes I use fins, but most of the time I don’t. Right now, I am seriously thinking about selling my last surfboard...
  • Blog Post: Relaxing pictures from vacation

    Well finally got into the vacation.  Got my electric bike all charged up and ready to go.  Surf Shorts and then the YAWN  
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