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  • Blog Post: Game Design: XAML/DirectX/C++ Game Design Links that I have reviewed

    Yeah, I know that I need to be focused on one thing, but I see the linkage between game design and the Internet of Things.  For instance at a conference I attended last week, one of the teams had designed a air launched projectile that responded to Tweets.  Now this was basically a creative...
  • Blog Post: Arduino Netduino: Hall Effect Switches, Keyes 003 Magnetic Sensor

    In the Sunfounder sensor treasure chest of 37 sensors, there are a number of simple switches, relays and so forth, and the Hall Effect is one of these sensors, but it’s different.  Most of the sensors uses some sort of change in resistance, but the Hall Effect is quite a bit different, it uses a...
  • Blog Post: Arduino Netduino: Consider the Spark.IO, lots of low cost configurations

    Got to love the Spark.IO device, which I have been ignoring while I worked with the UNO and Netduino boards, mainly because the use of Wi-Fi, while cool is not really an option in large events.  And a large event is anything that jams the local Wi-Fi transceivers.  This jamming happens at most...
  • Blog Post: Internet of Things: Arduino in Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate?

    Why yes there is, and I am not just talking about using the “C” language in Visual Studio 2013.  If you hit the link below, after download the Arduino IDE from the Arduino site, you can download a nifty freeware tool:
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