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  • Blog Post: XAML/C++: String Conversion from textboxes

    Well this is a continuing series of rambling blogs about string conversion from textboxes in XAML/C++ to numbers.  Kind of boring. Ok let's take a look at the code: 1. First store the textbox input into a String Class.  The String^ is not a full feature string manipulation tool, why? ...
  • Blog Post: A clear and simple way to convert a string to integer in C++/CX

    Oh my. No one really cares about this, but it has just annoyed the heck out of me that there is clear cut instructions on how to use the text in a textbox in XAML with C++/CX. And this blog is just a place for me to put my personal instructions on how to convert the XAML textbox text when using C++/CX...
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