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  • Blog Post: IOT: TouchDevelop Generates Arduino Code

    For IOT, having a nice design tool chain is a great benefit.  Sure you can crank out C/C++ Wiring code for the Arduino.  So can TouchDevelop, and this means that you could start your coding on your Phone, Tablet, iPad like device or Surface RT.  I like this as it is a way to use TouchDevelop...
  • Blog Post: TouchDevelop: Creating Phone Apps on your Windows Phone 7

    How do I distribute my apps that I create with the TouchDevelop scripting tool?  To find out how to use the TouchDevelop programming system visit: The blog entry explains how to use the TouchDevelop. To see the bazaar, where you can share script, etc.  go to:...
  • Blog Post: TouchDevelop: Impact on Software Engineering

    If you haven’t seen TouchDevelop, a development system that runs on your Windows Phone 7.  TouchDevelop allows you to build software that runs on your Windows Phone 7 and share your software with others.  Check out the Web Project page over at:
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