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  • Blog Post: IOT: C++ is pretty important, but getting your first VC++ app working is also important, here is how

    For IOT, C++ and C are the thing to learn. Javascript, yep. HTM. C# yep, for the same reason you learn Java. Then learn some infrastructure or domain knowledge. Ok, you open your community version of Visual Studio, and just want to use it as it exists. You open the VC++ an then new project, then the...
  • Blog Post: C++/CX: What is up with that giant SQL database in my C++ files

    What the heck? (WTH) You look at your C++ folder, or you zip it up to turn it in, and it has this GIANT SQL compact database in it.  WTH, that is almost 60 megabytes in size and it looks like the image below, and the total size of the folder is around 250 Megabytes or so, WOW! Can I just delete...
  • Blog Post: Using Class Wizard to create Classes in C++

    This is a quick video that show you how to use the Class Wizard in C++. How to use the class wizard in VS 2013 C++
  • Blog Post: C++: Secret XAML with C++ news

    One of the things it always seemed was that real secret stuff is kind of boring and detailed. Except if the stuff isn’t secret anymore, during that transition period everyone gets excited and sometimes thrown in jail. So what does that have to do with XAML and C++? And why is it secret. It isn’t...
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