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  • Blog Post: C++/CX: DirectXTex a helper library for DirectX textures

    You can find the download at: DirectXTex texture processing library (really if you are used to Codeplex, just hang on the site and check out the documentation, etc.) What is it? Top line: Content Pipeline for your game engine DirectXTex, is a shared source library for reading and writing DDS files, and...
  • Blog Post: C++/CX: DirectXTK, an interesting design helper tool

    The DirectXTK or DirectX Tool Kit is a bunch of classes that you can reuse in your game design if you want to implement a game engine for specific work effort.  One of the confusing problem that many have with C++/CX DirectX is: Why? You could use Unity or a purchased Game Engine.  But that...
  • Blog Post: C++, Direct3D, Building a Dice Game and more in Windows 8, with video

    Here are three links for you, if you are looking at the DirectX mess of documentation and confusing tutorials that seem to be written for someone else other than you.  I like the Roberto Sonnino’s work, and I am most likely going to use his material since it is the freshest out there.  C-three...
  • Blog Post: Writing your first C++ Program using Visual Studio 2012

    In previous blogs I have shown you how to set up Visual Studio 2012 so that it will function on Windows 8, 7, and so forth using the Azure VM, although we haven’t created a program to upload to the store.  That will be covered in another parallel blog series over at
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