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  • Blog Post: Windows To Go in Win8 RTM, UI, and some total coolness

    Wow, let’s say you are working at place that won’t upgrade your computer from Windows XP to Windows 8 and you want to use this totally cool software O/S, you can do it.  Many schools and companies have the LICENSES to run Windows 8 or Windows 7, but don’t want to support the new system.  Not...
  • Blog Post: Running Windows 8 RTM, some blathering and tested Win8 Win-shortcut keys

    Well after struggling with Windows 8, like where is that darn start button, and then figuring out that a quick flip and a click in the left corner got me to a much better start menu.  As to the issues with the “Enterprise” customer, I think that as a Enterprise user, I like the interface, granted...
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