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  • Blog Post: List of 10 Windows Phone 7 Articles that are useful

    Here is a list of ten articles that I have reviewed for a presentation at BYU.  Thought I would share them with you:   Panorama Control Overview for Windows Phone Bing Maps REST Services
  • Blog Post: Expression Blend 4 or Visual Studio Express?

    Both. In fact you can develop in one and then switch to the other: In Expression, right click on the PROJECT, not the solution (as many books state) and then select Edit in Visual Studio! In Visual Studio, you do the same except the presentation is slightly different: There you go.
  • Blog Post: That Accelerometer simulator thingie, where is it?

    If you are starting with Windows Phone 7, welcome.  Here is the little secret, most writers assume that you are not a beginner, but rather have some knowledge about the emulation environment, etc. So if you want to use the Accelerometer simulator or Accelerometer emulator, here is how you do that...
  • Blog Post: Building Windows Phone Apps, Windows Phone Apps, Windows Phone Apps

    The economy at the end of 2011 is not going well for many groups of people.  Scams are all over the place, I must get hit up by at least one scam a month, and these are what I call “honest” scams, well meaning people who think they have a good idea and they want me to invest.  Not happening...
  • Blog Post: Oddly, need to use Expression Design & also use the Windows Phone SDK Blend, they don’t play together.

    I don’t know about you, but I cannot get the Ultimate version that shows up in the Windows Phone SDK Blend to install and still have the Windows Phone 7 SDK Windows Phone templates in place using the Upgrade Button.  So I decided to create a Virtual PC 2007 on my design machine, which for you is...
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